I have moved to Missouri !

This is a notice to the world that I have moved permanently to Missouri.  It is a good state–and I love it already.
The people are friendly and the weather is pleasant generally and the town I live in is very cultured. It’s a win-win for me!
Also I am gradually updating all websites and blogs of mine so if you should happen to see an outdated address in Colorado, ignore it. It is not relevant to my life, nor to my paintings, sketches, drawings in pencils or inks, or to my writing or to my mission activities of prolife activism. In time, I will get all corrections made properly.
Today’s date is 8-dec-2009 but I moved from Colorado on 31-Oct-2009, visited family a few days and then moved into my new place in Missouri on Nov 3,2009. Remember I do not have any family in Colorado and that I never had business partners in Colorado.  My only two business partners are my only two grown daughters of Jennifer Borelli of Nebraska and Leigh Bills of Missouri.
(s) Gloria Poole; in Missouri.

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