Rebuttal to article in Guardian of UK news today

There is an inflammatory article in the Guardian of the UK news today written by an virtually unknown [to me] woman named Melissa McEwan and it is an evil defense of the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb. Is that woman on the payroll of the worst most horrific killing organization that ever existed and that would be Planned Parenthood? Because I am reasonably sure that if the owners of the Guardian researched where she gets her support they’d find abortionists-assassins footing the bill for her op-ed pieces of evil.  Her article is entitled "Free speech wasn’t meant for this" and in that article she finds fault with youtube for allowing the prolife point of view to be discussed around the world. This is my rebuttal to evil woman McEwan:
 1) Scott Roeder is a hero as was Oskar Schindler, and as such, he is loved by prolifers around the world, because he all by himself shut down completely that ungodly vile killing center that killed third trimester humans in the womb without mercy, without anesthesia and with intent to kill . I am grateful to GOD for Scott Roeder and wish there were a whole lot more MEN like him who would be real life heroes for the preborn humans.
2) Youtube is popular precisely because it is not government controlled propaganda. They allow the truth to be told by someone other than paid journalists employed by evil Planned Parenthood.
3) The US government is in the pocket big time of that killing machinery of Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Centre for Reproductive Killing, UN [Preventing] Population, blah,blah,blah. Their organized crime ring that preys on and kills innocents in the womb should all hang for treason. The US government empowered that killing machinery that violates every principle of the RICO Act in the US by cowardly men and women in high places who sold their souls to the devil long ago.  The wicked in high places like that vile Bill and Hillary Clinton and that vile Obama and those vile evil people who run Planned Parenthood, and the Marie Stopes killing centers used power illegally and abusely, creating run-arounds to the lawful authority of the U S [the Congress and only the Congress is authorized to create new laws, and only the citizens are authorized to create new amendments or new rights.]; and they gave money that should go to help the poor and the handicapped, and the sick and the infirm, to assassin-abortionists.
4) I am a Registered Nurse professionally and I have a long work experience/history in many areas. I also was considered expert enough to be a Medical Peer Reviewer for the State of Georgia. I am NOT a novice in the area of bona-fide health care delivry of life-giving services. The profession of nursing left me when it began to kill for pay by assisting assassin-abortionists; and when they began ripping out the hearts that they stopped from beating with drugs to then turn around and give them to another [more valuable in their eyes] person and then restart it with drugs. And when they began drugging some patients to death. And when they began to pressure families to kill off a family member for their body parts. And when the the Congress started siphoning off money for the sick, handicapped, infirm, unemployable for medical reasons, to that evil hospice killing ngo to just kill’em quick and get the money schemes. {Hospice in the US is paid in blocks of time, usually six months to do the dirty deed, but if they kill them quicker than six months the extra money is not taken away from the killing groups so it’s pure profit to them. So hospices now starts a killing morphine IV to kill them within 24 hrs after they ‘check in’ to the hospice death place.
 5) I am praying that GOD raises up a whole lot more Scott Roeders. I am praying that GOD shuts down Congress and the Presidency of the US IF that is what it takes to end the merciless slaughter of millions of innocents.
6) The terrorists are the abortionists, who seek out by forcing open a normally closed and sterile place [the human womb/ uterus] to seek and destroy the tiny human there. Those  terrorists and their political arms should be hung, and if government won’t do that, then I pray that GOD raises up someone/ some nation that will shut down EVERY killing center in the US that kills innocents in the womb, and every killing center abroad that does that also.
Gloria Poole, RN, Missouri. [my current license is in Colorado where I moved from this past Oct, 2009.]