Lighthouses x 2, series in oils, painted by Gloria Poole

These are two of the three paintings in oil that I painted  in a lighthouse series I painted in 2006, when I had an orthopedic boot over healing wounds and metal placed into my leg and ankle to enable
me to walk again though with a wobbly, unsteady gait, and a need for a cane on some surfaces and for stairs.  I am glad I could walk at all as my orthopedic surgeon who IS the best in the world, told me
he wondered if I would be able to walk at all and had doubts for months about that.  Not to get side-tracked, the paintings are on some other websites of mine… The painting on the top of this entry was on
my website for my domain of for a long time.   I add my original photos of my original paintings to the websites and blogs I create from time to time. BUT I own the
copyright to all of my paintings, sketches, drawings, genre photographs and my words, poems, writings, lessons as a Registered Nurse also.   These paintings and many more are on my repository sites at:; and the ethnic paintings I painted are on and my drawings in pencils, inks, charcoals are on
 Also I have added sketches I drew /painted [my technique varies–sometimes draw them first, uusally, but not always; sometimes just paint with acrylics,watercolors, powdered pastels, inks, goauche, tempera ] to other websites of mine including, and; and
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 10:15 AM, 8-May-2010

The darker photo is the one that is showing on the websites.  But the top photo is more true to the painting.  There seems to be a film sort of over this page.

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