My painting ” Jacob dreams of heaven” in oils

This is my painting that is from the Biblical record of when Jacob traveled in a far country and laid down on a rock to pray and then sleep. And then dreamed a dream of angels going up and down a ladder
that went into heaven. That is how GOD revealed heaven to him.  I painted this 48 x 60 painting in March 2008. This photo is a bit lop-sided because the painting is on my wall and I could not move the chair to photograph so photographed it an an angle.  Of course the purpose is to illustrate that  GOD revealed that there is a heaven.  I tried to make the angel that is visible Jewish looking since I reasoned that since Jacob was a Jew, GOD would have sent an angel in similar appearance so as not to scare him.  However, the Bible says angels could  take any form or appearance even appearing as light. And that they are created creatures of GOD’s as messengers of GOD, and not human. And that humans do not become angels when they die but are human still but in glorified state if in heaven. Read Revelations and also the story in the Bible about Jacob dreaming of heaven.
 This painting is in oils, and is 48 inches across and 60 inches tall.
 Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 11: 17 AM, 5-June-2010


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