Listen to the Andrew Shapiro music:”Detectors in the Eyes”

Some absolutely great music on the CNN religious blog at:
by Andrew Shapiro entitled "Detectors in the Eyes" that is played as the video shows Tibetan monks creating a sand mandela to show how fragile human life is.

I hope that music is for sale on CD’s somewhere because it is fabulous music.

Also I am a white woman, and I am Christian and I live in Missouri. I know that a cybercriminal logs into my acct from remote location [breaks into my acct in other words] to remove my photo . That
is intentional because the same cyberrriminal routinely tries to steal my identity. But he won’t win. And I won’t quit. I readded my photo to my profile again today of me Gloria Poole wearing a winter dressy hat when I went to my mother’s funeral in GA. Read my profile for more and also see my profile at:

Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:19 AM ,10-June-2010


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