Where’s Chevron’s 20 Billion? And British revenge??

I read in the news this afternoon how Obama strong-armed BP into a $20 Billion slush fund for the Obama and company crooks. I have these comments to make about that:
1) is that to be distributed as $2 billion for each of the 11 men that were killed or is it intended for the pelicans, ducks, and algae?
2) Where is the $20 Billion for the Chevron oil spill in Utah?
3) And are the Brits realizing that after all these years they are finally going to control the United States? Is that the revenge for the American Revolution?
4) and why is a British company taking rules from the American President who is totally unpopular with those who matter?
5) And why should BP not profit from their investment by siphoning off the oil that their well is producing OFF the continental United States shelf?
If I were the BP President I would not agree to anything Obama said or asked for, telling him that he has no jurisdiction over a British company or British nationsls.

And I’d be making no apologies for the terrorist act that exploded my oil producing well if I ran BP, but demanding that the insurers of BP pay up.
 Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 5:23 PM, 16th-June-2010

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