Shortest path from Afghan: criticize Obama publicly

For all you men and women in Afgahnistan who are tired of the theatrics there and the pretense at war, while you ‘keep peace’ for the Muslim cause and want to come home, the shortest most direct way to do that is to criticize Obama and or his VP, or Ambassadors, or Emissaries and you’ll be back in the states in 24 hours time. And allowed to go home.  Critizing Obama who has no clued about any military endeavor and whose ego is as big as Afghanistan, will be your ticket back to the States.
 It worked well for the general who criticized George W Bush from Afghanistan and it worked well for McChrystal too. Just go on record as criticizing the failed  "operation" in Afghanistan of not actually fighting anything or anybody but pretending too, all the while bringing millions of US dollars and money, men, personnel, trade to Afghanistan.  The real cause of the so-called surge was to surge more money to Afghanistan and more US Military to protect the Taliban from the natives. But telling the truth has always been risky. It’s called ‘shooting the messenger’ in many circles. McChrystal was the messenger that all the US was really doing that were shifting assets from the US to Afghanistan, and Obama did not like that being pointed out to the nation via Rolling Stone. 
 So when you get ready to come home, look up a journalist and go on record with your criticism of the fake war there, and you’ be back in States within 24 hours after Obama reads your remarks criticizing his scheme to enrich Afghanistan temporarily while laying a plan to plunder the one trillion in minerals that Afghanistan owns.
 Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:30 AM, 24-June-2010

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