When did Rolling Stone become THE NEWS SOURCE?

  I am mad as h— still about how Obama set up General McChrystal to be fired for tweeting that Obama is intimidated by Generals of the Military. That was the real reason McChrystal was fired and if
you don’t know that, you are not paying attention. This morning in the NY Times one of the journalists made her entry McChrystal’s tweets that included his remarks about his wife visiting him, and
words that showed his attitude about socializing, but the tweets did not include the supposed words that McChrystal spoke to a ‘reporter’ for Rolling Stone magazine a magazine for not serious readers of politics and for sort of "hippy" sorts of long unkempt hair and pot-smoking no goods  I always thought. But hey, I am a Christian, prolife Republican/Tea Partier and not the sort that would ever pay for a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine for any reason.
  I also read this evening the article by Oliver North and he also raised the question of how could in the US a Commander be fired for comments he made while a non-main-stream reporter was apparently taping all conversations in the midst of a war? A WAR. Where is the sense of propriety ? And no one in this nation thinks that Obama has it together on any thing.  Obama is notorious for trying to control every word written about him, and in prepping the news reporters from the TV stations to the questions he wants them to ask. What happened to the First Amendment for Commanders in War setting? What McChrystal said did not jeopardize anything but Obama’s ego. And while it was probably a setup from the get-go to take the nations’ eyes off the failure of Obama in the Gulf that went from Obama ignoring it to extorting cash from BP to trying to prevent any drilling anywhere again ever for oil, to as of today trying to find some way to tax a British company; and refocus it on the man McChrystal who seems to have a plan for Afghanistan or had one. But maybe it is Muslim Obama that really does not want the US to succeed there too much, who really does not want his Muslim brothers put to any hardship there, that did not like McChrystal’s notifying the people of the clown in one position and the excessive emails from a man in high places trying to micromanage the war from his plush office while Rome burns as the saying goes.

The longer Obama is President the less I like him, and I never respected him. He was evil from the get-go when he signed his so-called executive but unforceable order legally but followed by the evil abortionists and their legal arm twisting ngos  to massacre millions of innocents in the wombs of women around the world as his first act of office. I despised him then, and I have not seen anything about him or his leadership that would cause me to change my mind about him. He is an evil man with an agenda of depopulating America to destroy it from the inside.  He should be impeached for all the evil he has done to America including his attempt to  make citizens buy products or services that he controls and attempts to label them as criminals for being alive in America without so-called health insurance. He is the sort of leader that Stalin and Hitler were, and he is bad for America. And the fact that he fired McChrystal for comments made to a source that is not widely accepted as reliable or relevant to any real person in America, only proves my point. Fire Obama and all of his ilk there, and be done with it.
 Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:02 PM, 25-June-2010


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