Rearranging the deck chairs on the US nation Titanic??

This morning while reading the news from many sources I found on the BBC news an enquiry to general public about their opinions of the management/mismanagement of Obama in general but particularly on the topic of whether he was correct to fire General McChrystal. I am adding some of them here hoping it will encourage everyone to read all of them and read the BBC news since it often has such questionaires and does not print only the politically-correct-approved-by-Obama-censors’ versions. Link to article included.
I love this quote as being prophetic:

"The rearrangement of the deck chairs on the "Afghan Titanic", Written
 At 8:02pm on 23 Jun 2010, by "JohnP"  in the BBC news enquiry about if
Obama was correct to fire General McChrystal.
And also this one about same topic:
"You have to be careful what you say, & who you say it to…especially when it’s the truth."
written @ 8:34pm on 23 Jun 2010, by "old cop USA".

And this one too:

"It sounds like Obama did exactly what the General wanted him to do.
 Unless he has a major drug problem, he had to have known that saying
 those things would get him in trouble. He probably figured he couldn’t
 take working for idiots anymore, and would rather
 be let go. Best of luck on the Republican election trail, General."
written @ 8:35pm on 23 Jun 2010,by " Bill Baur".
Read all of them at BBC news :

Also, I have not changed my mind about Kagan. She is the worst possible nominee for the US Supreme Court. She is anti-life and worked to uphold the killing of innocents in the womb who were of 7-8 month gestations. She is horrible.  And the fact that the NY Times felt compelled to write an article today trying to make it seem as a good thing that no Protestants would be on the Supreme Court if she were approved by Senate, only underscores how radical she is. Why should there not be e Protestant on the US Supreme Court since MOST of America is Protestant?
 Could you spell p-a-c-k-i-n-g the Court by the killing organizations of planned unparenthood and Centre for Reproductive {killing] rights? Evil organizations whose only goal is serving the devil and destroying the human race.
 Gloria Poole; 9:03 AM, 28th-June-2010


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