Close Mexican border OR open all borders

I follow the news some on the simmering situation in Arizona. I applaud the Governor of Arizona for having the courage to stand up for the citizens of Arizona by not allowing border jumpers
to have the same privileges and liberties as the citizens.  I think most American citizens want citizenship to mean something, and allowing those who break the law to be treated as citizens
completely undoes the concept of citizenship.   Of course, I also think that Obama is not a born-in-the-USA citizen nor a naturalized one either and therefore it’s a big deal to him since he
entered the US via Hawaii from Indonesia and before that Kenya.  But does he speak for the nation on this issue or any issue for that matter? His economic policies are voodoo not economics.
 His plan to depopulate America and replace natural born citizens with Mexicans jumping the border is another example of his bad leadership to ruin.
It seems to me that either the US has to close the porous border of Mexicans coming to the US when they feel like it, or it has to open all borders. Let Canadians cross the border and live
in the US whenever they want too, because after all in the fairness doctrine that Obama says his administration believes in, aren’t Canadians equal to Mexicans when it comes to the "privilege"
that Mexico insists it has to cross borders at will? 

The fact that Mexico is protesting Arizona which is a STATE in the Union and Mexico is NOT a state in the Union should tell you something. What it tells me is that for decades,
probably since the Alamo, Mexicans have felt as if the US owed them something. Read their protests signs about how they think they have ‘rights’ in the US. They might have rights
in Mexico but they do  not have ‘rights’ in the US. They are not citizens if they were born in Mexico or Indonesia or Latin America, or Saudi Arabia, or Pakistan. They have "rights’ in
their countries of origin but NOT in the United States. That is this the entire point of the Arizona law. To establish who the state of Arizona is for–the citizens and who it is not for–those
who broke the laws of the US to cross the border without authority. If the US does not enforce the border laws on the Mexican border then it seems to me these events will happen as a
natural consequence:
 1) The US will be seen as a paper tiger with no teeth to its laws and no will to enforce them, and
2) more illegal emigrants will come via Mexico, into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California; and
3) the US will become a loose agreement of states with no real authority to enforce state laws on any topic; and
4)  the world will see that the US selectively discriminates against some ethnic groups–enforcing Canadian borders but not Mexican borders, and fighting in Afghanistan but allowing illegal Mexicans and Latinos to take over the U.S., and
5) every citizen in the US will lose confidence that being a citizen means anything but the requirement to submit invasive questionnaires to the feds; and
6) the resentment against Latinos and Mexicans will multiply exponentially since they do not pay taxes but get privileges of free schooling, free Medicaid [they don’t even bother to lie about their
names or attempt to doctor up their appearances to look more American but boldly demand ‘benefits’ for having crossed the border]* , and a ‘free get out of jail pass’ from Obama.
Either enforce the laws and close the Mexican borders and prosecute and or deport illegals, or open all the borders to anyone including Canada.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:04 AM, 21-July-2010
Update at 11:33 AM, same day after reading the article mentioned in next paragraph:
Eighty-One members of Congress filed documents [an amicus brief or "friends of the Court" document] supporting the Arizona law
that goes into effect on July 29th.I quote from a part of it: "The amicus brief reminds the court that the Separation of Powers
in the Constitution gives Congress the authority to prescribe immigration laws, and that the  discretion of the Executive Branch
is limited by the intent of Congress." Remember that the President and Justice Dept are not in Congress. Also:
"Non-enforcement of immigration laws has clearly been a policy of  the Obama administration since it has come to office," Stein continued.
"The suit filed by DOJ is motivated by the desire of the administration to ensure that no one else enforces those laws, even states
 like Arizona, which suffer directly from mass illegal immigration."

Read article at:
11:30 AM 7/21/2010