Public beware is a phishing scheme

This is a public notice to help others realize that the so-called blogging software named is a PHISHING scheme to steal your passwords from your email accounts and
to steal information from your computer. Here is my experience with them today when they offered me a sign up :

As I wrote it in a ticket to their so-called support department: Cybercriminals stole my blog from the minute I signed up.
 When I asked for password reset THREE times it was a trick
that tried to lock down my computer or else your company
 is a phishing scheme and my computer software tried to
 lock down to prevent you stealing my info. Anyway delete
 the blog for Your software is corrupt.
  If you allow the cybercriminal to use my real name of Gloria Poole
 in a blog he stole from me, I will report your company to the
fBI for facilitating theft of my name and identity and email.
Gloria Poole;at my apt in Missouri; 1:50PM, 28-Aug-2010

Sarah Palin, watch out, Obama’s trying to kill you

I read this morning of the third plane crash in Alaska in a short period of time. I think it is the Pentagon’s jamming of the plane’s computers in their attempt to assassinate Sarah Palin,
on orders of the entrenched evil of the democratic party including Obama-Clinton-Pelosi and their illegal use of the war powers act and Patriot Act to sabotage planes of the enemy.
 I think they have declared you the enemy of the democrat party as it is presently, and of H Clinton’s attempt to run for President next go-round.

 Be very wary and pray and ask your church to pray too. It is not an accident that 3 planes crashed in Alaska recently since they all run on computerized systems. Obama is the hacker
of the century and he knows how to sabatage planes and if he doesn’t the Pentagon does. The Pentagon has been doing that since the 80’s. And the CIA has already issued a
capture or kill order for an American citizen who so far has not been tried in a court of law, or been allowed the right to defend himself or been found guilty yet of anything. So it
is common knowledge that the US’s  killing forces including those who kill innocents in the womb are abusing their powers routinely, and expanding their powers to spy, intercept
and sabatage so-called enemies.  .
  Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 9:51AM, 10-Aug-2010