Worst Recession in history but Obama redecorates W.H.

I read this am in the BBC news [no mention of this in the NY Times front page] that Obama had the Oval Office of the White House redecorated for himself.  A lot of economic reports
say it is the worst recession in history [the time of keeping records for that sort of event in the US] and he is doling out probably MILLIONS to make himself a better office.
  Which word do you think most applies to him and his flagrant pompous spending of taxpayer monies? Is it fool or idiot?

And remember when voting in election that Obama has clearly displayed the lack of principles that dominate the democratic party –usurp privilege by tryng often to bypass the role of Congress
and Constitutional authority assigned to his role, take over businesses,  hijack the US Treasury, party like it’s 1999 to use a well known phrase, and redecorate when millions of Americans
have lost jobs, incomes, houses, wealth, confidence in government and respect for the office of President.

I think fool and also wicked best describes him and I add the label of wicked because he has with his pen and signature tried to force through the premeditated slaughters of millions
and millions of innocents in the womb to get kickbacks and dividends from those for profit killing organizations named Planned Parenthood a misnomer.They should be named
planned annihilation  of the human race.  Remember the commandment of GOD is written ‘thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13 and repeated several times and in several ways. Read also
Matthew 18:14,John 10:10, Jeremiah 1:5, John 14:6 in the King James Holy Bible to understand GOD"s word on the subject of human life.
 Do NOT vote democrat in November and maybe never again. They are some evil people.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 7:59AM, 2-Sept-2010


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