The Arizona Ct of Appeals did good yesterday

According to Yahoo News, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled against Planned Parenthood yesterday. And ruled that in Arizona the requirements recently enacted by the Arizona legislature are constitutional and will continue. And those requirements are: 1) that women seeking abortion must meet face to face with the doctor to perform it at least 24 hrs in advance for informed consent information and questions from women. [That’s a no-brainer: what person would allow another person they had never seen before to do invasive procedures that are deadly to human baby-in-womb and on occasion deadly to the woman or girl seeking to kill her baby in utero?] 2) Minors seeking an abortion must have their parents notarized signature to proceed [a no -brainer for certain, since the girls’ parents would also be the baby-in-womb’s grandparents who probably very much wants baby to arrive alive.] 3) Abortions could only be done by medical doctors who have medical training and not the multitude of wannabe-doctors that exist in the realm of health care.  A medical doctor has the education, skill, experience to save the life if things go bad, and they often do with abortions. Of course, I personally do not call an abortionist-assassin-of-babies-in-womb a ‘doctor” as that is grossly unfair to good doctors who do not kill.  Thank you Arizona Court of Appeals for a good decision that will help save babies’ lives.

Gloria Poole, At my apt in Missouri; 13-Aug-2011;9:19am:Update few minutes later when I saw that the ‘about me’ page was not updating to add this: I have added my photo [the most recent one this year of me in front of some of my ethnic paintings I painted and posted on my wall, but without frames because frames would take up too much space, to display them. I know I look a bit rough–it’s been a hard few years trying to overcome the near-death experiences that happened to me when I lived in Colorado; and then again in Missouri when hit by a van while I was walking in the crosswalk. But I want the world to know I am still alive, and still painting though at slower pace, and trying to get control of my name on line and websites and domains .[That bad people tried to steal.] Update added 13-Aug-2011;9:28am by me =Gloria Poole Update again: I added my photo and it appeared but it did not appear on blog! So you could see it on my Wall St Journal profile at: