GOD knew u b4 HE created You in womb

GOD knew u b4 HE created You in womb

“Before I formed you in the womb, I Knew you..” Jeremiah 1:5, KJV. This is one of my most reassuring verses in Scripture. Think about it. GOD designed you in HIS mind, then created you to fit HIS design.
It is a heinous sin to abort your offspring. Don’t ever abort your babies. It is medical fact that a human being can only reproduce another human being. That is the “law of the species” in genetics. Humans reproduce humans, not animals and not plants; but HUMANS.
It is also medical fact that when the sperm of a human man enters the egg [ovum] of a human woman, a new human is formed right that second and the new human rapidly shapes up, to human form with a beating heart in 10 days’ time.
Gloria Poole,RN; @my apt in Missouri; 11:51am;11-Nov-2011


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