My Painting “thoroughbreds” & My Photo of it

I am reposting my quick photo of my painting I painted and entitled “Thoroughbreds” because two of my young granddaughters were to take riding lessons. I wanted to encourage them so I painted this. After they took the lessons, I called to ask if they were scared of the horse. The younger one (seven at the time) said, ” I saw how it was done from that painting so I was not scared”. That thrilled me to think I had helped her.
So the rider is intended to be out of proportion to the horse as they were ages 7 & 9 at that time; riding thoroughbred. I have what is called a “pedigree” also and some of my genealogy records are in public libraries so I consider my offspring & theirs to be “thoroughbred” also.
Also because someone wrote me about this painting with comment about the rider’s size. I have painted horses about six times with first in Atlanta GA in the 90’s, then the sketch for this painting, then a sketch of a paint horse, then a sketch with a western rider, then a sketch with a different rider. FYI. Gloria Poole; Missouri; Copyright. I retain all rights to my paintings, images and sketches and drawings.

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