Better late than never???

I am adding to this blog of mine to keep it. I have not had much luck with blogs or “spaces” that started with a Microsoft email address. Somehow criminals can break into them usually within 24 hrs of me changing my password. I am still painting sketches trying to get emotionally involved with my art again. I have been very discouraged by the events of the past year.

There was so many massive hacker attacks against me by evil people over the past year, during which emails of mine were stolen, financial info was stolen,[from me] ,apps, & hosting accounts were stolen from me. Photos I photographed that numbered nearly seven hundred I took over a months’ time [during Dec 2011] that vanished from my folder on my private owned and NOT shared computer/desktop with a so-called “secure” Apple computer and a so-called “secure” ISP was the “last straw” so to speak with me and certain events online , probably including photos of the paintings and or sketches I paint or draw. There is a cybercriminal that computer companies have HELPED steal from me by supplying him with my password and allowing him to dial into my computer apparently from a remote location. He has no relationship to me and was not ever authorized to dial into my computer or access my emails or get info from my ISP. 

Also, for the public record: if scantily clad women continue to send me their photos, they might be surprised when the FBI shows up at their door. I am a woman and I am HETEROSEXUAL and not immoral. I do NOT ever want photos of scantily clad women sent to me! I have stated that truth before. I am giving you the benefit of a doubt that you might be seeking promotional marketing for yourself?? However,  I cannot put you in a movie, so send them to George Clooney, or a TV producer, not to me. I am not a TV Producer since I moved from Denver in 2009.

 Also, it all depends on if I have better success after having reformatted the harddrive on 2 of my computers with a total overwrite /wipe out for security and a clean install; as to whether I will post any more of my paintings anywhere on the web. I am trying to find suitable gallery space that is physical in my town. So if that goes well, to see my paintings one would have to travel to my gallery. That is a dream so far, not a reality yet. 

 Also, I have other blogs that I write on more frequently so you might keep up with gallery news on those. Gloria Poole; RN licensed in Missouri; and artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, powdered pastels, goauche, . @my apt in Missouril 28 March 2012; 3:22pm