This blog belongs to Gloria Poole, artist and RN in Missouri.


This is one of the oil paintings I painted in the yr 2009 just before moving to Missouri. I have this painting {and most of the original l art I have created for years} in my apt in Missouri. I named it simply “Goldfish”. You see it as a photo that I photographed but in reality it is about four ft wide and about 3 ft high.  I am adding it here to confirm that this blog belongs to me and that it also belonged to me when it was on Microsoft spaces blog. Microsoft migrated it for me to save it.

Also, I added content to another blog of mine today at :

Today, when I logged into one of my Microsoft accts that I have had for nearly a decade, I saw an email that I thought had been sent in Sept 2012, that was not sent because of ??? –Confusion as to whom owns this blog I suppose. I own my born with name of Gloria Poole!  It is my birthright name, and is recorded in the state of Georgia in archives of state database. I am a US citizen, a white, Christian, woman, single [divorced twice] and an
R.N. licensed in Missouri and an artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, goauche, tempera. I have sketched, drawn, painted seriously since about 1993. I had formal training in drawing.

I also own this blog. I wrote my name that way as “gloriapoole1749” because I already had a blog on wordpress with my name written as gloriapoole at: I have other blogs also including and other blogs on blogspot also. There is a list of some of them on my “about me” pg on my gloriapoole.blogspot blog.

Also, fyi, my art I create is copyrighted. I own all rights to my art, to my words that I create. I have posted copyright notices intermittently for years on blogs that contain my photos of art I created.

Gloria Poole, @ my apt in Missouri; 12:04pm; 22-June-2013