Japanese Kimono Lady-sketch by Gloria / Gloria Poole

Japanese Kimono Lady-sketch by Gloria / Gloria Poole

Japanese Kimono Lady sketch painted  by Gloria / Gloria Poole; in my sketch book.  As prep for  the series of ethnic paintings, I painted over five years of time,  I drew/painted  many many sketches of different nationalities. This is one of them from about yr 2008.  I am adding it here to connect it in the minds of people who have seen many of my sketches with my present day paintings, sketches and drawings.  I have painted 6 new paintings in the past month for the ethnic paintings series I began in yr 2007. Copyright. Gloria Poole also known as Gloria; gloria0817; gpoole817; gloriapoole.RN; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloria.poole; g-l-o-r-i-a; gloria_poole; gloria-poole;  & other variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole. Also, for the record, I am white, single, christian woman currently living  in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia.  You may see more of my art on other blogs of mine, including http://gloriapoole.blogspot.com. Also, wordpress shrunk my photo of my original sketch after I put it on wordpress platform. Gloria Poole at my apt in Missouri 25-Sept-2013 at 2:10pm.