Little lighthouse on the cliff sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri

Little lighthouse on the cliff

Little lighthouse on the cliff sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia created 18 July 2014 with acrylics on 14 x 17 paper. Copyrighted. This is the fourth time I have added sketches of lighthouses that I drew painted and signed to this blog of mine. I have also painted other lighhouses and posted them to other blogs.  This is approximately the 9th time I have drawn and painted lighthouses since year 2006.  I photographed this on my portable drawing board. See more info about me on my blogs and also my blog in my former married name [now divorced] of Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole1749 / gloriapoole / gloria-poole / gloria.poole / Gloria Poole,RN, artist / @gloriapoole / gloria_poole /artist-gloriapoole / gloriapoole-paintings / Ms Gloria Poole / Poole.Gloria, and other variations of my real, born with, legal name of Gloria Poole, at my own private apt in Missouri which is not shared with anyone and no one is authorized to login into this blog or any acct of mine but me, 18 July 2014 at 10:55am.