White oak sketch painted by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri


I, Gloria Poole , Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri/artist/author/illustrator/cartoonist/ photographer/personhood promoter/ white/Christian/ woman/mother of 2 grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh/,   painted this sketch a few days ago with soft pastels onto 8 x 11 cardstock paper. and signed it in lower right corner. I photographed it a few times, uploaded it and posted it to this blog of mine today 20th May 2017 at 12:55pm. Copyright. gloriapoole / Gloria Poole, Missouri; 20 May 2017 ; 12:55pm. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THIS ENTIRE BLOG –ALL ART, ALL PHOTOS AND ALL WORDS AND TO THE BLOG ITSELF AND ALSO TO MY BLOG OF HTTPS://GLORIAPOOLE.WORDPRESS.COM ARE RESERVED TO ME AND OWNED BY ME GLORIA POOLE. You may not download the posts from this, nor copy them, nor save them to your disk, nor make reproductions of the art I create, nor represent yourself as in way being an agent nor “associate” nor “partner” nor “boss” nor representative of mine. 

You can follow me on twitter and you can view more of the art I created on other blogs of mine buy googling my name such as “gloriapoole + sketches” or “gloriapoole + paintings” or “Gloria Poole + art” .I have updated most of my blogs that i post art too in May 2017.

I have modified my usual format some this morning because a criminal hacker broke into my blog at https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com today as I was updating it and the criminal hacker/stalker/ ID thief stole off that blog a photo I photographed of art I created, and I alerted the FBI and Google about the cyber-hack into my blog.

I am not modifying all my blogs –just this one for the time being as to how I normally update it. I am trying to stop the theft of art I create, my real name of Gloria Poole and my accounts.

I, Gloria Poole,RN, artist who resides in Missouri since Oct 31, 2009 own this blog and all rights to it. I created the art in this post, the words of it and the copyright notice–all content on this blog from its beginning. I ,Gloria Poole, updated this blog today 20th May 2017 at 1:04pm from my own private apt in Missouri, as usual.