I moved to Springfield, Missouri Sept 2018

I am updating my blogs after having moved w/ my belongings and furniture FROM my apt in Columbia, Missouri to my apartment in Springfield, Missouri. My lease in Columbia ended last Sept 2018 on the 23rd and I preferred to live in a city where I have family and that is not hostile to Christians, republicans, prolife nurses and US citizens.

I am still creating art by drawing, sketching , painting on real tangible surfaces such as drawing paper, inkjet paper [for inks] canvases and sketch books. I am posting wee bits of that effort since so much of my content was stolen off the web by ID thieves.

Putting original content on the web is probably a bad idea for any artist who wants to make a living at it. Fortunately, I have other sources of income besides the art I create.

This is an update so public knows I am alive and well, and so Microsoft does too. I migrated one of my Microsoft spaces blogs to this wordpress blog years ago. Then it got hacked. I have a variety of internet ready computers, tablets, smartphones etc and Microsoft o.s. machine is one of them.

I ported my main telephone that was my landline number in Columbia for nine yrs to a cell phone which I have with me in Springfield, Missouri in my apt. This is not a shared apartment and I have more than one modem–one for wi-fi and one for ethernet. I am still not remarried though I hope to be some day but not to the same man of either previous marriage & divorce obviously. I also have a home telephone with a local area code and I kept most of my other cell phones also. There is a reason for that and my personal safety is the main reason.

I like Springfield Missouri very much so far. I have updated many of Google blogs one by one as I found the info to login by reading my hand-written notes on paper I diligently record. I have a very nice apartment here and it is convenient for me.

Today is 15th June 2019 at 9:59am.

Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse, artist in all mediums, Springfield, Missouri