Spring time at Corn Mill sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

Spring time at Corn Mill sketch by Gloria poole of Missouri and Georgia

“Spring time at the Corn Mill” sketch by Gloria Poole; also known as Gloria in real life and on this art and all art I create, is acrylic paint on paper. I drew this painted it signed it photographed it and uploaded it from my camera and to this blog. Copyright Notice: I, Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri since Oct 31, 2009, [but born in state of Georgia] own this blog and all content, all words, all art, and all photos on it and also own all rights to it. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, downloaded by anyone but me. It is original drawing and painting of acrylic on paper, 14 x 17, in my sketch book fastened to my portable drawing board. Also, see my full copyright notice and disclosure of info that could affect copyright enquiries on my blog https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com on the blog itself repeatedly and on the about me page of it. Also see my profile of my “pseudonym” of gloria0817 at: https://profiles.google.com/gloria0817/about?hl=en. Copyright: Gloria Poole/ Gloria / gloriapoole / gloriapoole1749 / gloria.poole / gloria-poole / Gloria Poole,RN, artist; at my private apt in Missouri which is not shared with anyone; 28 April 2014 at 1:51pm.