Just finished painting “Thoroughbreds’ in oils

This is my newest oil painting I finished painting about 2 hrs ago. The second photo is a close up of the horse’s head on the same painting. I almost didn’t complete this painting because
I miscalculated on the size and almost did not have enough room for the rider! But I reasoned I had it almost finished–might as well continue. So I did and I added it also to my
repository site at http://gloriapoole.com/paintings/  and also many other of my paintings I painted.
 Hope you enjoy this painting. I own the copyrights exclusively to my photos of my paintings, to my paintings themselves, to my sketches and to my drawings [sketches in pencils or inks, or charcoals.] and to my words, writings, poems, lessons on health care.  I also sketched this first and it is another blog of mine and I think also entitled Thoroughbreds but showing the sketch book
binder and metal rings closing it and my full signature on it. So look for that or look in my repository site for my sketches at http://gloriapoole.com/my-sketches.
 Also I write my real name of Gloria Poole in several ways on the web, as gloriapoole, as gloria-poole, as gloria.poole, as gloria0817, as g-l-o-r-i-a and as formal name of Gloria Poole. I am one and the same woman however and I live in Missouri. Time is 7:50 PM, 3-April-2010