English Defense Leaque a Militia in UK

Read about the English Defense Leaque [in England} that sounds like a militia:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8250017.stm/A quote from the article as to it’s purpose:”People aren’t against Islam, they aren’t against anything else other than the funders of terrorism, the sworn enemies of Britain,” says Tommy.”For 10-15 years these groups have gone unchallenged in our towns and cities. Those days have gone now. We will challenge them. Wherever there are terrorists, we will be there.” And this quote:”What we are seeing is the formation of a street army, people who will travel around the country to fight,” he says.”9:45 AM 12/20/2010

My purpose in posting this here is that I think it

shows that the political-cultural war of

Musim vs Christian is heating up worldwide.

In the US, the Muslim President has abused his powers

to try to force off the internet any

Christian publishing of scriptures. And Christians

and persecuted in many places with those obvious politically motivated ‘blasphemy’ laws that do not

seem to require respect for THE GOD’s name, but for the respect of a mere mortal man [the ‘prophet’ Mohammad] who was not GOD.

I think since the UK is predominately

christian it is also being targeted by Muslims

as evidenced by many of the events in Luton recently.

I think Christians must be ‘as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves” as it is written,about

political events. It seems to me that World War III is brewing like coffee in a percolator,not dripping like a

Mr Coffee. And I think Obama’s many trips to Muslim countries is stoking that fire. I think in his heart of heart his intent is to destroy America as evidenced by his championing the cause of sodomy, a sin GOD calls abomination in Leviticus 18:22, and which Romans chapter one says leads to death. [Scriptures from King James Holy Bible. As usual.wordpress is trying to censor my

words or tamp down their impact by giving me a 2 inch space to write on, and no word wrap instead of full-size screen, so overlook typos. They hide the letters as I type so

I cannot see them as I type them, in their effort to prevent me from updating my blog.

Gloria Poole;10:54am;20/Dec/2010;in Missouri