Imagine if…

Imagine if I …

said ” I don’t personally believe in killing black people, but don’t think the government should interfere in a private decision?”

said “I don’t think Jews are real people; they are only potential people; therfore it’s not wrong to get rid of them?”

wrote ‘killing of Indians has to be legal right because some people want to kill Indians?”

wrote” a lot of people have gotten into serous trouble for killing those who interrupted their selfish lifestyles; therefore I think killing those sort of people who interrupt your lifestyle has to be a ‘right’?”

said “it’s expensive for America to allow minorities to exist because they drain resources?”

wrote “it’s the right of women to kill their exhusbands when they hurt them emotionally?”

All of those are arguments made by radical proabort people who attempt to justify their evil killing of innocents in the womb. Their arguments are evil. You probably figured that out, didn’t you?

If the above arguments are not acceptable for those classes of people. why are they acceptable for the class of humans of those in utero [in the womb]? Of course, they are not acceptable then either.

It is not a “right” to kill. It is not a ‘woman’s choice”. It is not the duty of any government to protect the killing of innocent humans. It is morally repugnant to kill. It is a grievous sin against GOD who wrote in stone the first set of commandments including ‘thou shalt not kill” as written in Exodus 20:13. Abortion is a heinous evil against humanity, a crime against humanity. In the US millions have been been put to a grisly horrible death in the womb by their own mothers! It is horrifying to realize how awful it is, and how it has nearly destroyed America.

Repent , United States, for the kingdom of GOD is at hand, according to the words of JESUS.

Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 11:22am;15-July-2011