More Photos from Salute to Veterans Airshow today

This is another batch of  the photos I took today at the Salute to Veterans Airshow in Missouri. The top photo is wings folded up. The second photo is the British designed AV-8B Harrier vertical lift jet.
The third photo is the P51 I think from WWII . The bottom photo is the USN {Navy} MH-53E Sea Dragon Sikorsky Helicopter.  I also added some more of these photos to my blog at: Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri ; photos original from Airshow today, 29_May-2010; added to blog at 9:44 PM. I might also add them to my blog that has a photo album.

Military Jacket painting by my youngest daughter Leigh

This painting you see above is a pastels painting painted by my youngest daughter whose name is Leigh Josey Bills and she did this painting when she was a student. I am showcasing it here for her to acquaint the public with her skills as an artist. She has formal training at the Lorenzo de Medici school in Florence Italy and also at the Westminster School in Atlanta, GA. This painting is named "Military Jacket".  I Gloria Poole photographed it for her but it seemed almost impossible to not get some of the lighting in the glass over the painting.  She is also an excellent sculptor or maybe correct word is sculptress.   She is working in clays at present as an artist in addition to another job. 

This painting was framed by a family friend in Nebraska.

Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 1:56 Pm, 19-May-2010

Lighthouses x 2, series in oils, painted by Gloria Poole

These are two of the three paintings in oil that I painted  in a lighthouse series I painted in 2006, when I had an orthopedic boot over healing wounds and metal placed into my leg and ankle to enable
me to walk again though with a wobbly, unsteady gait, and a need for a cane on some surfaces and for stairs.  I am glad I could walk at all as my orthopedic surgeon who IS the best in the world, told me
he wondered if I would be able to walk at all and had doubts for months about that.  Not to get side-tracked, the paintings are on some other websites of mine… The painting on the top of this entry was on
my website for my domain of for a long time.   I add my original photos of my original paintings to the websites and blogs I create from time to time. BUT I own the
copyright to all of my paintings, sketches, drawings, genre photographs and my words, poems, writings, lessons as a Registered Nurse also.   These paintings and many more are on my repository sites at:; and the ethnic paintings I painted are on and my drawings in pencils, inks, charcoals are on
 Also I have added sketches I drew /painted [my technique varies–sometimes draw them first, uusally, but not always; sometimes just paint with acrylics,watercolors, powdered pastels, inks, goauche, tempera ] to other websites of mine including, and; and
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 10:15 AM, 8-May-2010

The darker photo is the one that is showing on the websites.  But the top photo is more true to the painting.  There seems to be a film sort of over this page.