Stupak Amendment is Good, Senate repent!

I read in the NY Times this morning the article by Congressman Stupak about his amendment to the so-called health care reform bill. His amendment is
intended to prevent the taxpayers from paying for abortion in any form. And that is good but I wish it did more than maintain the status quo and actually
created major obstacles to any bill that legalizes abortion from being passed into law. House of Representatives fight the good fight of faith. Obstruct the
so-called progress to socialized killing off of the future generations as is common in places such as China, and Russia. .
    The so-called reform bill, which is intended  to redefine what constitutes ‘health ‘ in the U S and what tasks insurance companies will have to pay for,
is over-all a bad plan.
.   By definition health should have a first requirement of helping the patient stay alive, but the plan before Congress has more rationing of health
 care actual services, and more stretching of dollars that were originally allocated for the elderly, handicapped, sick, weak,elements
 of U S society.  The Medicare and Medicaid plans were to help the segments of the population that could not help themselves but now it is being stretched
to a 3 year wait for health care and or income if disabled { I think they figure you won’t survive the 3 years if you have real disability, and no income, and
therefore they won’t have to pay you the money you paid into the ‘system’. ] That is merely one of the so-called Obama reforms–to make sure he plunders
as much of the Medicare and Medicaid money as he thinks he could get away with. He’s a demoncrat for certain. Steal from the poor to give to the rich is
the usual method of demoncrats enriching themselves for their $10 Million dollar 3 week vacations in Hawaii. 
His plan to force all Americans to pay into a service that offers them only the merest hope of anything, in order to fill the coffers of the rich fat abortionists,
and the rich fat Senators like that grotesque Kennedy who thankfully died exiting the Senate since the people of Massachusetts could not or would
not overcome the steam-roller of catholic-entrenched stranglehold politics there. Most American families are not going to be better off being forced to
buy a plan for nothing guaranteed, or face fines and penalties for being poor for the first time in America’s history. It has never been a crime to be poor
in the US but it is becoming that way with the democratic Senators plan to force citizens to spend their money on a bubblehead idea.
  If it were only a bubble head idea, it would be bad enough. But the U S Senate has tried to twist it to make it really evil, trying to make U S citizens
have to pony up the money to pay for the deliberate killing of American citizens in the womb. It is an idea that stinks to heaven, that stinks to the
nostrils of GOD I am sure as GOD wrote in stone,’thou shalt  not kill’. [Exodus 20:13].
  The Stupak amendment is good if it prevents federal financing of health care. After all, wasn’t that the same words that the prodeathers used when
they argued their killing ‘rights’ before the Supreme Court in that evil Roe decision? That the U S government should not be involved in the personal
decisions of what constitutes ‘health’ to different women-only?  Now the wicked { I am not including Stupak in the ‘wicked’] want to rewrite that
to demand that the government be very involved in where they kill their offspring and by what evil method, and that is the whole, entire gist of the
so-called ‘reform health care bill’. Only the stupid or those who cannot read are fooled by their plan. The wicked are not fooled but are trying to
fool all the people all the time with that poisoned apple of ‘health care reform’ of Eve the baby-killer.[Remember the cigarette ad promoting death
by using the imagery of Eve, as vamp, s-l-u-t and puffing on  a cancer stick?} It seems that the wicked since the beginning of time tried to con
and manipulate women first and then got the women to destroy the men. But this time, some of us women collectively across the nation,
 are not deceived and we are not buying their hard-sell propaganda of killing as a ‘right’. As a woman individually, I protest the idea that a
woman has a ‘right ‘ to kill . She does not. And as a citizen, I protest the idea that there are classes of citizens that are allowed to kill other citizens
because they don’t want them. And as a citizen I protest the idea that women have special rights that men /fathers don’t have. IF women have the
right to kill innocents then so do men, since the laws are supposed to give each person the same set of laws–not laws for one gender but not for
the other. I protest the idea of killing as a ‘right’ in any situation. There is no such right as the right to kill. And the U S Senate cannot force such
a law.
House of Representatives –do not go along with that ungodly Senate. You know the truth. You know that the Senate is an antiquated,
 self-serving bunch of hoodlums,taking bribes and kickbacks from all manner of corrupt organizations with the main evil being Planned
Unparenthood. You know as Congressman Stupak wrote that the citizens do NOT want taxpayer money spent to kill other citizens when
they are the tiniest most defenseless. House of Representatives, stand firm, do not bend, do not waver. Do not allow any resolution to
be passed into public law that codifies any right to kill any person. Do not allow any resolution to be passed into public law that codifies
killing of innocents as a ‘right’. Do not allow abortion to be added to the list of ‘health care services’ when it is an evil, premeditated
act of a heinous evil, horrible and disgusting.

  This battle between the houses of Congress is the most important and most decisive the Congress has ever faced, because GOD
promised that HE avenges the innocent blood, and GOD promised that the nation that loves the killing of its children, will have
blood running in the streets when GOD raises up another nation to defeat them. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.
U S House of Representatives, serve the nation and not the Senate bunch of killers. U S House of Representatives, stand in the
gap for the nation–do not allow abortion which is killing to be redefined as a ‘right’ or as ‘health care’.  Do not acquience to evil as
that wicked Kennedy Senator did when he voted against human life more than 70 times. I believe he is in hell because of those

Do not agree with evil plans to depopulate the nation. Do not make agreements with the devil.
(s) Gloria Poole , Missouri

Now the no-good prodeathers want to rewrite that plan so that
the money is siphoned out of the plan that was to do that,and redirected to killing plans to depopulate the nation. Of cour

I have moved to Missouri !

This is a notice to the world that I have moved permanently to Missouri.  It is a good state–and I love it already.
The people are friendly and the weather is pleasant generally and the town I live in is very cultured. It’s a win-win for me!
Also I am gradually updating all websites and blogs of mine so if you should happen to see an outdated address in Colorado, ignore it. It is not relevant to my life, nor to my paintings, sketches, drawings in pencils or inks, or to my writing or to my mission activities of prolife activism. In time, I will get all corrections made properly.
Today’s date is 8-dec-2009 but I moved from Colorado on 31-Oct-2009, visited family a few days and then moved into my new place in Missouri on Nov 3,2009. Remember I do not have any family in Colorado and that I never had business partners in Colorado.  My only two business partners are my only two grown daughters of Jennifer Borelli of Nebraska and Leigh Bills of Missouri.
(s) Gloria Poole; in Missouri.