McChrystal told nation emporer wearing no clothes

The fact that General McChrystal said what he said where he said it shows to me that he intended to get America’s attention.  So why is he apologizing for a deliberate decision to tell the people of the United States that Emperor Obama is not wearing any clothes? Remember the childhood fable ? General McChrystal  I have this to say to you: if you know warfare and you know the crisis in Afghanistan from on-the-ground-active-engagement in it, why do you back down before a President who never served one day in any military force anywhere? Why waffle now?

It seems to me that the lack of courage is the number one affliction among men in the US. They want to be liked and or applauded more than they want integrity.  Probably it would have been preferable if Gen McChrystal said what he said to the faces of those who are sabotaging the mission in Afghanistan or via direct communication such as a letter delivered to the Ambassador and to the President also with no mincing of words or terms. But would it have been screened, filtered, censored before it got to them? Yes, you know it would have by the team of censors that Obama employs. Obama’s number one dislike is being criticized since he long ago established the fact in his own mind that he is his own god. 

Is McChrystal the first General to oppose the plans of the President? Read about the civil war in depth. Read about any war that originated in the US in depth.  You will find examples far worse I am sure.
I think if a General is worth his salt as the Bible says he must be honest, unrelenting in justice [not murdering innocents or making excuses for those who do] and conducting gentleman warfare as much as that is possible.  There has to be honor given and honor received when due, and not given when not due.   Obama is not a Military officer and never was, nor was he an enlisted man, nor in any branch of the military. Why the US elects a man to office who has no clue whatsoever of the functions of the military or the sacrifices of the men and women in it, or the mission of it, is beyond comprehension. When the nation is at war, they should elect for President someone who knows war and how to succeed at it. And yes, the US needs to prevail in Afghanistan or raise the white flag of surrender and get out of Afghanistan altogether and let them cope with their own  civil war.   The mealy-mouth, wishy washy approach of Obama-Clinton is sort of like putting a huge siphon over the entire U S and allowing it to suck out the men, women, resousrces, wealth, money, machinery, equipment, computers, trucks, artillery, tanks, tents, on and on and on, and send them to the hands of the Taliban. A redistribution of assets is Obama’s main goal and he is good at it. And he has no clue about sacrifice since he believes he is entitled to 3 vacations a year when most of nation has not had a real vacation in 10-15 years.  Obama’s a namby-pamby catered to by Harvard by his light skin, pushed through Harvard to meet their goals for diversity. He would not have failed at Harvard even if he had never showed up for one class. That is the nature of that University and their diversity program.  Obama totally lacks common sense, but he is good at swindling, selling/buying votes, then selling out his partners in crime and rigged elections [think Blago and next up Rahm Emanuel who both know how he got elected], ordering the murders of innocents in the womb while making cover for those who murder in the Name of GOD, and for selling the future of the nation for borrowed money from foreign nations, some of which are not allies of the United States. 

I reason that McChrystal told the truth and dont’ think he or anyone else should apologize for telling the nation that the man that some in this nation worship as a false god and who struts about like he thinks he is god, refusing to do his real job while campaigning eternally for the democratic party, pimping for them, is ‘without clothes" –naked in the sense of a total lack of understanding of the situation in Afghanistan and a total lack of comprehension of the goals or the problems, and a total lack of caring about it.   When  a General cannot respect his C.O. there’s a real problem. A C.O. that has not earned respect and in every way sabotages success does not bring about victory but divides the team. A house divided does not stand according to the words of JESUS in Matthew in King James Holy Bible. Respect is earned though there are many that say the office of the President deserves respect. That was true before Obama signed an executive order to massacre millions of innocents in the womb in his zeal to get more kickback money and perqs from Planned Parenthood his real boss, but it is not true now.

McChrystal, have the courage of your convictions. Don’t apologize if you spoke the truth in that interview, and don’t back down. Run for President next go-round in the US.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:44 AM, 23-June-2010


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